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Walking through the weekend

I've decided to write only in English instead of both English and Swedish. It's too time consuming for me to do both right now! Hope you understand 😊

Our weekend was literally a weekend of walking 😅 On friday we went to Rosersbergsparken and met up with my brother and his family for a walk. The weather was so nice! A little windy, but the sun was out the whole time.

Rosersbergsparken is so beautiful - every season! When we were there the windflowers were blossoming and the beech tree forest was full of them! It looked like a white carpet 😍

Look who decided he wanted to pose for a picture 😅😍

Noah slept the whole time! Can't wait until we get to see the world through his eyes 🙏

In the evening we read this book for the first time, "I love you to the moon and back". Such a beautiful book ❤ I bought it because it's about bears and we buy a lot of things because of that haha! Björn means "bear" so that's why. #logic 😂

I feel a little bad because I haven't read him anything before. I thought it was too early, but apparently you can start at 1-2 months. Better late than never though I guess! He loved it 😍

Yesterday we went for a long walk around our neighbourhood. It was warm but we had some rain showers.

Look at this tree 😍 I need one in our garden!

This part of the neighbourhood is so idyllic! It's by the lake and most houses have a lake view 😍

The calm before the storm. It always goes quiet except for the birds' chirping. Then we were showered with rain 😅 We did notice that it smells like summer rain now! Love it 😍

Another beautiful tree! My floral umbrella kept us company and also kept us dry #win

How was your weekend?


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