Noah 5 months

Here's a recap of our week!


Last Sunday was Mother's day here in Sweden and it was my first. I baked this raspberry meringue cake and it was the best meringue I've made so far (Björn's words)! I used freeze dried raspberries and mixed them in at the end 😍

I am just so thankful for being a mother. It's been a dream for so long and I couldn't have asked for a better time in my life to become a mother. I also couldn't have asked for a more perfect baby (I'm sure most parents feel that way about their children! At least I hope so). Thank you universe 🙏❤


This guy kept me company while I was doing the dishes 😍

Mother of the year 😂🙈 Noah gets attacked by his toys and I just take pictures...

In the evening I went for a walk by myself (while talking to Camilla on the phone 😅)! The weather was a dream 😍

I should talk to her more often! It's good for my health, literally 😅


We celebrated Björn's mom's birthday. I made another raspberry meringue cake 😅😍 So yummy!!


Noah turned 5 months! He's just the sweetest guy 😍 He still doesn't sleep well during the day, but the nights are usually really good. He wakes up around 4:30-5:00 and wants food. Then he plays for a while and usually goes back to sleep again. If he doesn't want to sleep in his crib, we put his babynest between us. He's usually happy there and sleeps for another couple of hours (we assume 😅) before he wakes up for more food.

He's almost always happy! No matter how tired or hungry he is, he will still smile and laugh. Sometimes while whimpering at the same time, which is just heartbreaking 💔😭

I don't want him to feel like he needs to pretend to be happy when he's not. Do babies even think like that? Or do they just feel their emotions?


We watched TV all morning in bed. Is there a more perfect way to start your Saturday? I don't think so 😍

In the afternoon I went for a walk to get Noah to sleep. He did not 😅🙈

This night light is so magical 😍 I don't remember where we bought it.

In the evening, Noah was so tired and fell asleep within seconds after I put him down in his crib (finally) 🙏


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