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I look at you, you’re two

Time is passing by so fast

Fleeting moments, so touchable

I blink and then they’re gone

One moment you're all new

And in the next you're two

Walking, running, talking

So big and yet so small

I've heard it many times before

But it's only now I really see

How one moment you’re new

And in the next you’re two

The days can feel so long

Then you blink and they’re gone

So much of life is lived now 

So many moments we share

My heart so overflowing

How fast can one be growing?

I look at you, you're two

I blink and then you're ten

I blink again and you're all grown

How can this be real?

A new part of your life begins

And I wonder; where will I fit in?

I look at you you're two

You're sleeping next to me

Holding my hand so tightly

Right now I am your world

But every day you need me less

This is the price of loving, yes

Feelings of joy wash over me

At the same time there is sadness 

This moment, so fleeting

I try to take it all in

I look at you, you're two

A moment ago you were new

- Susanne Kattem

© 2024


Beautiful! This is a reflection of a mothers’s love! Keep it up!//Eveline

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